Expert 药店 服务 in Northern Michigan

Convenient, safe, expert service is the hallmark of all Munson Healthcare pharmacies. Our pharmacies are located within some Munson Healthcare hospitals 和 at retail sites in Traverse City, 萨顿湾, 和帝国. Each pharmacy is staffed with experienced, knowledgeable pharmacists 和 friendly staff who can meet all of your pharmacy needs. They will answer your questions, review 和 organize your medications, 和 help you select the supplies 和 medical equipment you may need.   

Hospital-based Pharmacies Save You a Stop

If you are hospitalized or have been treated in the Emergency Department, your provider may give you one or more prescriptions for medication to take after you go home. You can conveniently have your prescriptions filled at the hospital discharge pharmacy before you leave, saving you a stop on the way home. Prescription refills can be transferred to one of our convenient retail pharmacies in Traverse City, 萨顿湾, 或帝国, or to a pharmacy near your home. 

Hospital-based pharmacies also stock a selection of over-the-counter medications, 维生素, 补充, 和 medical supplies. Pharmacies are located at Kalkaska Memorial Health Center 和 Munson Medical CenterCadillac Hospital 和 Grayling Hospital can fill a discharge prescription for patients.

Trusted Pharmacists on Site to Help You

Recovering from illness 和 staying well depends on using your medication safely 和 as ordered by your doctor. Our clinical pharmacists offer personalized medication education 和 service, including medication therapy management.

Full Service Retail Pharmacies

Munson Healthcare has full service retail pharmacies in Empire, 萨顿湾, 和 two locations in Traverse City. In addition to filling your prescriptions 和 an extensive inventory of medical supplies not often found at other pharmacies, 皇冠足彩app下载提供:

  • Anticoagulation dosing to prevent hospital re-admissions
  • Canes 和 over-the-counter walking braces
  • Consultations, medication education, 和 medication planner set up
  • Compression socks 和 ted hose available at Munson Community Health Center 药店 within Foster Family Community Health Center (not billable to insurance)
  • Dispill® packaging system available at Munson Community Health Center 药店 
  • Diabetic supplies found over-the-counter or covered by prescription
  • Electronic drug interaction screening
  • First aid supplies 和 wound care
  • Residential delivery available at Sixth Street Drugs 和 Munson Community Health Center 药店
  • 免疫接种, including Zostavax, 破伤风白喉百日咳混合疫苗, 肺炎, 和 flu available at Munson Community Health 药店, Sixth Street Drugs, 和 Bay Shore 药店
  • Med Sync available at all locations (pharmacy will coordinate monthly fill)
  • Medication therapy management services at all locations
  • Rehabilitation supplies
  • Selection of medical equipment at Bay Shore 药店

Medication Assistance Program

If you do not have insurance or are unable to pay for your prescription medicine, financial assistance may be available. To learn more, call the Munson Healthcare pharmacy nearest you.

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Bay Shore 药店 93 W. 第四个圣. Ste. A 萨顿湾, MI 49682 231-271-6111 得到方向
Empire 药店 9975 W. 渥太华大街. Empire, MI 49630 231-213-1115 得到方向
Munson Community Health Center 药店 曼森大街550号 Traverse City, MI 49686 231-935-8730 得到方向
Sixth Street Drugs - 药店 第六街1020号. Traverse City, MI 49684 231-946-4570 得到方向